Terms & Conditions


Please ensure you provide at least 24hrs notice for cancellations. Any less than 24hrs (unless extreme circumstances) will incur a 25% cancellation fee of your booking charge.

If cancellations happen frequently, you risk losing your on-going booking.

If one of our workers turn up on a scheduled day and can't access the property you will be invoiced a cancellation fee for 50% of the cost of your booked appointment. If for whatever reason your allocated worker cant be there, they can usually be replaced with one of our other highly skilled employees. If in the rare event there is no one to perform the work on the scheduled day, we will try to accommodate you as best as possible in rescheduling for the same week.


All payments must be paid in full within 3 days of service. Unless stated otherwise, you'll receive an invoice sent to your provided email address. Any payments not received within 3 days of service will incur late payment fees of 5%. Failure to pay will result in further recovery action.


In order to perform our best work, we require power and running water at the property on day of service. In the event of a planned power outage please let us know with as much notice as possible. In the case of unplanned power outages, providing visibility is sufficient, we can continue, but are limited to what we can do..


Please ensure you specify where you would like green waste to go. We can provide rubbish removal on request including grass clippings and garden waste however this does incur waste removal fees. Ensuring there is sufficient space in bins will prevent the need for extra fees


Our main goal is to ensure we have happy and satisfied clients at all times! You guys are, after all, the reason our little business can continue. We pride ourselves on keeping our work to an exceptionally high standard and it is very rare that we have an unhappy client. However, our employees are only human and like anyone, can make mistakes. If at anytime you're just not 100% satisfied please contact us via our Facebook page, or give us a call. We will have the issue rectified as soon as humanly possible! All complaint's must be reported and viewed (via photograph is acceptable) within 24hrs of completed job.


On occasion our cleaners may take before and after photos. We ensure there are no personal or identifying items in any of the photos and we would never share on any social media platforms without the client viewing and approving the photos prior.


We are very pet friendly at Feeling Fresh, and we love all our clients fur babies! However, for our safety and also your pets safety, we require dogs to remain locked away safely for the duration of the clean and to be confirmed whilst our gardeners are on the property to ensure our safety as well as preventing any escape incidents! Cats can be left inside, however please be mindful that we do carry chemicals and they may be left unattended at times. And whilst we will do our absolute best to keep cats inside, it can not be guaranteed.

We understand that accidents do happen and from time to time our cleaners encounter "surprises" left from our furry friends. One off occasions of cleaning up left pet urine or feces is acceptable, however, if it is a reoccurring incident you may incur a pet fee increase of $20 on future cleans.


Please ensure young children are fully supervised whilst our cleaning or gardening team are in your home. We carry dangerous equipment and chemicals and can't always keep our eye on it whilst busy working. We're always very happy to have a chat with your lovely little people however, please have them wait until we've packed away all our equipment to ensure they're kept safe at all times.

Wet floors are also a big hazard for little ones, we would feel awful if a child slipped and injured themselves whilst we're mopping so please ensure they are away from wet areas to avoid this.


To avoid any lost keys, and to make it easier in the case of worker change over. We please ask that you don't provide your cleaner or support worker with a key of their own. Instead, a key lock box on your property is a great option. Or a key left in a safe place is another option.


Want a unique gift idea? Our gift vouchers are a perfect gift for any occasion! Can be made out to any value over $50 and are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.